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Our church has begun a fundraising drive with intent to cover the costs of a number of capital projects.

Our goals are to enhance our worship service as well as extend our ministry to the community in a variety of ways.  Some of the items we aspire to purchase are an organ to play during church services, a cooling system for our food pantry, and a generator to provide electrical power during an outage so that our building can be used as a disaster recovery facility. 

Thank you visiting the webpage dedicated to the church treasury department.

As a church, we offer a wide range of services, including Health Education Seminars, Workshops, and Fairs; Physical Education Classes (three times weekly); Youth Development Programs; Individual, Pre-marital, and Couples Counseling;  Basic Emergency Assistance; and Computer Literacy for Seniors. We also host Alcoholics Anonymous, Victory Tabernacle FBH, and a Hispanic congregation on our premises.  

We are currently in the middle of a fundraising drive to ensure that we can continue these and other programs with even greater success. 

We are humbly asking that you assist us by making a pledge to donate a financial gift in the amount of  your choosing.  You may fill out the pledge form and return it to the church representative who provided it to you.    The funds can be provided as late as October 31, 2015.  Please accept our gratitude in advance for your willingness and generosity in considering this request. 

Thank you and God bless you.


Ivor Keizer, Pastor
Donald Hairston, Fundraising Committee Chair