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The Enoch P. Fickling Memorial Scholarship was established April 2010, in the loving memory of Elder Enoch P. Fickling of the Community Seventh-day Adventist Church.  This scholarship is open to any applicant between the ages of 17-25, living in the United States, applying to or attending a two (2) or four (4) year accredited college/university, seeking an undergraduate degree or a two (2) licensing certification program, and have maintained a GPA of 3.00 or better.
Although Enoch was passionate about his faith and advocated for Christian education, he also believed every child should have an opportunity in achieving greatness through education regardless racial or religious differences.  In keeping with his believes, this scholarship is open all ethnic and religious groups.
As the Education Leader for many years in his church, Enoch encouraged the youth to push and succeed beyond their limits.  He was a mentor and coach to many young individuals, both in the church and within his community.  
His motto: “Success Is No Accident.”  
His passion: Opening doors to educational opportunities to all youth.
His philosophy:  “Reaching back, while moving forward.”
His favorite quote: "Excuses are monuments of nothingness. They build bridges to nowhere. Those of us who us these tools of incompetence, Seldom become anything, but nothing at all." – Author Unknown.
Scholarship(s) are awarded annually.  Interested students can apply Mid-June for distribution in August every year.    Questions can be directed to the Education Department via email to: education@communitysdachurch.org

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