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This department is the umbrella structure that houses all the outreach activities of the church. The goal, simply put, is to “enlist every member in active soul-winning service for God.” The Personal Ministries Leader is elected to “lead in training and directing the church in active outreach service and is chairperson of the Personal Ministries Council.” Several of our members have received priceless training in leading a Bible Study, especially via the Small Group Bible Study offensive.
Community SDA Personal Ministries is involved in the following direct evangelism programs:
*     Door to Door Witnessing: Pre-announced, particular Sabbaths after Divine Hour.
*    Small Group Bible Studies: These are held in the homes of members who open up their doors on a weekly basis.
*    Bible Correspondence School: Our school is affiliated with the Discover Bible School and has had broad participation over time.
*    One to One Bible Studies: Several of our members are engaged in study with students who want to know more about the truth of God’s word.
*    Public Evangelism: Gems 4 Jesus.
Other forms of outreach orchestrated by the Sabbath School, Health Department, Community Services Departments, etc., are supervised by the Personal Ministries Department.